The Intesa Sanpaolo Group gives particular importance to the monitoring and management of substances that are hazardous for the environment, including radon and asbestos.

Radon is a gas that flows out of the subsoil and into buildings. The main points of entry are the permeability of foundations, cracks and discharges from technological systems. In accordance with Italian laws, measurements of the average annual concentration of radon are taken in underground work areas where personnel are present, even if on an occasional basis. According to all measurements taken during 2016, workers' exposure was within acceptability limits. The measurements are repeated annually, arranging for technical mitigation measures and training and information for workers and workers' representatives.

Intesa Sanpaolo work processes do not include work activities that expose workers to asbestos dust or materials containing asbestos. However this material could be in buildings, as it was used in Italy up until 1995. So a specific risk assessment was conducted at all work sites in Italy, to establish preventive and protective measures to adopt. All environmental measures recorded values below the threshold established by applicable laws.