The commitments undertaken by Intesa Sanpaolo through the 2014-2017 Business Plan are aimed at a solid and sustainable creation and distribution of value. These are the results of our activities as compared with the goals we set ourselves for 2017:

Commitments made2016 resultsResults 2014-20162017 objectives
Creating value
Dividends (bn) 3 6.6 * 10 *
Real-economy bank      
MLT credit for real economy (bn) 56 137 * 170 *
Banca dei Territori Service Model Fully operational A number of initiatives were implemented both from the organisational standpoint, with regard to product innovation and concerning customer service improvements Strengthening and simplification of the Banca dei Territori model
Corporate simplification Incorporation of two Banca dei Territori banks into Intesa Sanpaolo Mediocredito Italiano incorporated 6 product companies.
9 mergers of regional banks into the Parent Company
Creation of the SME Finance Hub and reduction of the number of banks belonging to the Banca dei Territori Division to 6
Local bank abroad for Italian businesses Three subsidiaries opened abroad (Abu Dhabi, Doha and the Representative Office in Jakarta)  Six subsidiaries opened abroad Leading bank in Italy for supporting the internationalisation of enterprises
Simple and innovative bank and development of an integrated multi-channel platform      
Customers with Banca dei Territori multi-channel contracts (m) 6.4 +1.6 since start 2014 7.9
Professional reassignment and requalification to support the development of the new business initiatives under the Plan 270 people 4,500 people * 4,500 *
Training Days and teaching (classroom, mentoring, remote training and Web TV) About 1.3 m About 3.8 m * About 5 m days *
Personnel expenses (bn) 5.3 15.7 * 21.3 *
Internal policies for the enhancement of corporate welfare and employment support Services provided by the Health Scheme Fund for more than 140 m to over 200,000 people.
Flexible work used by over 5,700 employees in 13 different Group companies
ALI workers’ association: around 125,000 members
Integrated welfare programme fully operational An integrated welfare system that interprets and implements new ways of looking at wellbeing and the person
Tax (direct and indirect) 2.3 bn 7.4 bn * ~10 bn *
Medium/long-term loans to support social entrepreneurship initiatives 0.2 bn 0.6 bn * ~1.2 bn *

* Cumulative value.

The document “Stakeholder Engagement 2016 and Improvement Objectives”, which presents the stakeholders’ requests resulting from the 2016 engagement processes and the objectives pursued by the internal departments, is available in the Sustainability [i] section of the Intesa Sanpaolo website.