The Intesa Sanpaolo Group takes a responsible and active role in support and collaboration in local areas and communities where it operates. It also promotes some international projects in areas where it does not have business activities, but which are vulnerable in economic, social and environmental terms.

The Group is committed to the community through: donations, for managing temporary situations of difficulty in local areas, and for long-term solidarity; the sponsorship of projects with a positive impact on the community; substantial investments in art and culture; company volunteering initiatives and programmes involving all Group personnel.


Cash contributions to the community by type in 2016[thousands of euro]
Monetary contribution to the community 46,412
Goods and services donated to the community 27
Time contributions 146
Operating costs 3,682
Total 50,267

Cash contributions are classified based on the reason and broken down as follows:

  • 51.6% comprise community investments: contributions characterised by long-term plans and/or strategic partnerships and/or of significant amounts. This figure is steady compared to 2015 and accounts for the largest portion of cash contributions, showing the strategic nature of the Group's activities targeting long-term cooperation that can produce real benefits and values for local areas and communities;
  • 37.9% refers to commercial initiatives (sponsorships) for social causes, which also promote the Intesa Sanpaolo brand and business;
  • the remaining 10.5% consists of charitable gifts, of an occasional nature and for small amounts, including match giving initiatives (donations by the Bank during fund-raising campaigns, combined with the donations of employees or customers).