Intesa Sanpaolo partners local and national organisations and authorities in its commitment to commercial initiatives with benefits for the community, developing cultural, artistic, social, sporting and production activities and events.

Group initiatives are mainly focussed on achieving the following objectives:

  • safeguarding and promoting the country's cultural heritage, encouraging the dissemination of culture through support for cultural and musical events that can be accessed by a wide-ranging and diverse public;
  • supporting research to promote new opportunities for economic and social development through partnerships with leading foundations and institutions;
  • promoting sustainability as a value for businesses and a confidence factor for customers through participation in initiatives within the scope of Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • promoting training opportunities for young people and the inclusion of women in the world of work;
  • supporting initiatives for the socially disadvantaged;
  • promoting the value of sport, particularly among young people and the universal values of playing sport, such as commitment and respecting rules.