Financial capital includes funds and profit from operations to create value shared with our stakeholders.


394 bn
Direct deposits from the banking business
144 bn
Direct deposits from the insurance business
73 bn
Due to banks
49 bn
Shareholders' equity


725 bn
Total assets with liquid assets worth
150 bn
365 bn
to customers
3.1 bn
Net income (2.7 bn in 2015)
16.9 bn
Net operating income
8.3 bn
Operating margin
15.4 bn
Economic value generated
37 bn
Stock Exchange mid-cap
2.22 euro
Average listed price for the period
  • Management of social and environmental risks in lending activities: 14 projects for 2.04 bn screened based on Equator Principles
  • Monitoring of the health and safety of employees
  • Cyber risk management
  • Group brand value: indicatively close to 6 bn


56 bn
New medium and long term loans for the real economy
~200 m
New medium and long term loans for social enterprises
Italian companies back to performing loan positions from non-performing loan positions (over 52,000 since 2014)
~1.7 bn
Environmental loans (3.1% of total new loans)
4.6 bn
Loans for initiatives with a high social impact (8.3% of total new loans)
Renegotiations of mortgage loans to financially vulnerable households for a total residual debt value of approximately 6.2 bn
14.1 bn
Economic value distributed
3 bn
  • Reduction of social and environmental costs resulting from the financing of potentially harmful activities
  • Minimisation of risk factors for the health and safety of employees: a 4.6% decrease in accidents
  • Number of robberies: 25 (- 59.7% compared to 2015)
  • Blocking of fraudulent transactions: amounting to over 31 m
  • The synthetic index of image on the population (IPSOS) shows Intesa Sanpaolo at the top of the banking system, despite the sector's reputational crisis

Economic and financial performance

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Breakdown of 2016 economic value

Management of business risks

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Support for the business system

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Intesa Sanpaolo continued to support the development of the “real” economy and communities where the Group operates. In 2016 Sanpaolo granted new medium/long term loans to the real economy for approximately 56 billion euro (48 billion in Italy, up by 16% compared to 2015).

Production chain development
Production chain development
Entrepreneurship Micro-Credit Loan
Entrepreneurship Micro-Credit Loan
Women in business
Women in business
Financing and services for companies investing in innovation
Financing and services for companies investing in innovation

Financial inclusion and economic empowerment

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Intesa Sanpaolo meets the different needs of consumers with a marketing focus and different approaches according to the customer segment, with the aim of accompanying customers through their own life cycle, developing a new way of banking and of looking towards the future.

  • Per Te Prestito con Lode
  • Riconoscimento Salute Senior
  • Getmoney to Family
  • Express to Family
  • Money Transfer Western Union
  • Prestito della Speranza
  • Fondazione Lombarda Antiusura
  • Fondazione Welfare Ambrosiano
  • Financial support to the Third sector
  • Consorzio SPIN