The Intesa Sanpaolo Group adopts an approach that recognises the strategic importance of activities to ensure compliance with internal and external regulations and codes of conduct, in the belief that respecting standards and fairness in business are essential elements in carrying out banking operations, which by nature are based on trust. Moreover, we are aware that we hold specific responsibility in the fight against corruption, money laundering and financial crime, to prevent the banking system from being used for illegal purposes.

We apply the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct that envisage high standards for all personnel.

To monitor various regulatory areas, procedures are adopted and controlled through risk assessment and an internal control system in which compliance with the rules is achieved by all company departments and staff working together.

An internal reporting system (whistleblowing) has been in use since 2016, to encourage a culture of lawfulness and improve the organisation and its ethics. This system can be used by any employee who suspects that an infringement of regulations has occurred or could occur. During the year, 22 reports were made, which were all followed up. 3 of these were not relevant, as they did not refer to possible infringements by employees; specific investigations have been started for the remaining 19 reports.