Developing a common culture based on corporate values and fostering a sense of belonging among colleagues: these are the main objectives of internal communication activities. An integrated system of tools, such as the Intranet, Corporate TV, company publications and structured staff engagement promotes the dissemination of new business and professional models providing personnel with adequate information and encouraging them to become involved, share objectives and actively take part in changes.

During 2016, engagement involving the entire Group took place, with Climate Analysis and extensive and specific actions targeting various departments and business divisions, with surveys and specific quantitative and qualitative initiatives. 2016 climate analysis took place between late October and early November and involved three areas: professional areas and middle managers, executives and personnel of international banks. The number of colleagues replying, from all three areas, went up compared to the previous edition in late 2014: from 51.3 to 55.2% for the first area, from 88.5 to 92.9% for the second and from 51 to 52.1% for the third. The survey showed a wider perception of Intesa Sanpaolo as being more innovative, modern and with an international slant, capable of representing added value for the Group. Professional areas and middle management in Italy reported an increased satisfaction, up from 67% in 2014 to 78%, while figures were mainly stable for international areas (77% in 2016 and 78% in 2014).

Engagement through focus groups was also extensive, with 32 sessions were held on climate analysis. During the year, other ad hoc events were held for Operations, Integrated Operating Strategies Area, International Subsidiary Banks Division.

Ad hoc surveys of various company departments were also carried out and feedback collected, with over 60 ad hoc surveys were conducted in 2016. In particular, the “Survey of Ideas for Banca dei Territori” involved all colleagues in Italy to improve the Division's services. A selection of the 12,994 ideas submitted was discussed during over 400 round tables with branch directors.

Colleagues are also regularly involved in providing ideas and suggestions or are called on to express their level of satisfaction with top management Web TV interventions. All Group colleagues, in Italy and abroad, were regularly informed of the progress of the Business Plan's implementation in various sectors of the Group. Communication and information activities targeting people working in the company continued, as regards both services and industrial relations.

Web-focus on the Code of Ethics

In March 2016, a project was launched targeting engagement with international bank managers and the Code of Ethics. Online focus groups were used. Around 110 mangers from different functions took part in a total of 17 web-focus sessions on the Code of Ethics applied to their own contexts. The sessions all had a common theme, including the most representative values for their activities, the importance of the Code of Ethics as a stand-out feature for the Group and Bank, its function in guiding behaviour and decision-making processes. Thanks to contributions from the managers, ideas and broad-ranging and specific priorities were identified, to improve the adoption of the Code of Ethics.

The web-focus sessions revealed a need to increase training on and communication of the Code though a single, yet concrete approach, based on different activities and/or situations and possible circumstances. Main improvement actions being assessed include new e-learning programmes, featuring numerous real-life examples and case studies.

In the Insurance Division, the “Progetto Ascolto” (Listening Project), which was started in 2015, enabled the Division Manager to meet all staff in person, in 44 plenary sessions organised for each department/unit, to listen to needs and plan new initiatives also for exchanging ideas and internal mobility. These initiatives include regular “Company breakfast sessions” and “Adopt a colleague” to get to know other company functions. The “Progetto Ascolto” also led to the idea of “Myinsurance”, the in-company portal offering services for colleague's specific needs, from a single access point.   


OneDesk is the cooperation and co-working portal for international banks, launched in September 2016. The portal is mainly for colleagues at the head offices of the international banks division, of banks and Parent Company units working with them, but is potentially extended to all Group colleagues. OneDesk promotes interaction and cooperation among colleagues, breaking down geographic barriers and increasing networking opportunities on both a professional and personal level. It is a considerable information source about international banks and also showcases the Group's international dimension. This has improved efficiency and effectiveness at work, thanks to a virtual workspace where individuals and work teams can share and work on the same files and projects. At the end of 2016, 4 workspaces were active (new workspaces for other professional areas will be implemented in 2017), and there were over 2,800 registered users (out of a target of around 9,000 colleagues).