The model adopted focuses on offering different customers – retail users to SMEs and large companies – a specialist service. Relationship managers, specialised by segment and sub-segment, are still the reference for these customers, coordinating overall service and providing specific advisory services.

The extension of the multi-channel approach ensures proximity and a quality service, with the chance for customers to interact with their Bank how and when they want (see “Intellectual and infrastructure capital” - “The multi-channel approach” @).

For this reason, Intesa Sanpaolo has started a process to transform relations (launching its new Internet Banking site and mobile Apps), to steer customer interaction towards a digital approach.

The strategy behind this approach is an easy-to-use, simple, quick and customisable profile. At the end of 2016, Banca dei Territori multi-channel customers totalled 6.4 million, up by around 1.6 million since the start of 2014. Approximately 4.1 million Apps were downloaded on mobiles and around 80% of products are available through multi-channel platforms.

The Online Branch has a specific role in developing closer customer interaction, through direct channels (telephone, chats, video calls, email and social networks), and through advisory services and the commercial proposal of products and services (cards, loans and investments). The aim of the Online Branch is to solve customers' problems, and also respond promptly to enquiries about operating and commercial information.

Thanks to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, 26,000 product offers were finalised and signed remotely. In addition to branch sales completed with appointments and estimates made by branch colleagues, over 5 thousand products were placed (Further details are given in the section “Intellectual and infrastructure capital” @). During 2016, free phone numbers and customer contact channels were unified, with a single reference for operating services, customer service and commercial information.

The DigiCal (“digital channels + physical branches”) programme was developed at international banks, to consolidate interaction between physical branches and digital channels and offer retail and small businesses customers a new way to access products and services and interact with their bank. (Further details are given in the section “Intellectual and infrastructure capital” @).

With Banca ITB joining the Intesa Sanpaolo Group at the end of 2016, the first proximity banking project in Italy, with a focus on instant banking, is nearing completion. With around 20,000 light operating points, the distribution network can offer a modular, simple and comprehensive service.

The new distribution channel encompasses the needs of tobacconists and their customers, with specific positions to provide assistance, support for qualified operators and a specific Bank contact centre.